Trademark Services

Imitations cheapen your brand.

One day, others will want to be like you.

Your brand is how your customers know you and relate to you. Your brand differentiates you from the rest. Your brand is your unique identity.
Your brand can be represented in many ways such as your logo, your name, your tagline, your label, packaging, etc.
Trademark protects your brand representations from imitations or duplications by anyone seeking to ride on your success for their own gains. Consequently, trademark preserves the image and reputation that you have been striving hard to build and promote.
Without trademark, your customers could be misled to buy imitations by thinking that they are yours. Your reputation is also at stake especially if those imitations are of inferior quality. Thus, the imitators’ gains are your losses. Don’t give them a free ride on your brand, apply for a trademark registration.

Our trademark services include:

Trademark Filing


To be eligible for trademark registration, your mark must be distinctive from any other goods or services. Marks that are confusingly similar to another trademark are not registrable. To start the registration process, you will need to prepare the necessary documentation for submission. You will also need to be alarmed throughout the process for any correspondences from MyIPO which may include objection or opposition to your application.

Trademark Registration Process

We can help by advising the classifications of goods and services to be covered, separating the mark into multiple applications, strategising the registration of your brand, defining the description of your mark and etc. We would also prepare the necessary documentation for submission. Throughout the registration process, we will manage all correspondences from MyIPO and advise you accordingly. Our familiarity with the registration process will help you to go through it all with ease of mind.

We can also be at your service if you want to extend your registration in other countries.

Interested to apply for a trademark?