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IP valuation is complex and also highly contextual. In fact, there are no two of a kind IP assets. This makes it truly difficult to directly compare the value of one IP asset with another IP asset. Thus, IP valuation involves assumptions and judgement derived and justified based on an in-depth analysis of the IP in specific, market drivers, and economic outlook.

We will deliver proper and defensible IP valuation where all analyses and assumptions are thoroughly supported and substantiated. This is so that your IP value reflects a realistic value.

Why value your Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is your company’s asset. Like any other assets, you can either sell it, license it, or use it in your business. If you sell it, then you need to know the selling price. If you license it out, then you need to know the royalty payments. If you use it to protect against infringement, then you need to know your damages for compensation.

Therefore, IP valuation forms an essential part in the commercialisation of your patent, trademark, industrial design, copyright, trade secret, and other tangible assets.

Amongst the reasons for valuing an IP asset are:

1. Corporate transaction

One of the reasons for considering a corporate transaction (JV, M&A, strategic alliance, etc.) is due to the IP assets of a target company. So, whether you are the buyer or the seller, you need to know the value of IP assets being bought or sold as part of the target company. This is so that the final sale or purchase price of the target company takes into account the value of the IP assets.

2. IP transaction

In buying, selling or licensing an IP asset, you must know its value before negotiating the sale price or royalties. As the buyer or licensee, you need to know the IP value so as to avoid overpricing the IP asset. As the seller or licensor, you also need to know the IP value so as to avoid underpricing your IP asset.

3. Raising finance

For equity financing, you may use your IP assets to attract investors due to its value and commercial viability. As for debt financing, you may use your IP assets as collateral or security. Both equity and debt financing require IP valuation to determine that the financing is backed by an appropriate IP value.

4. Litigation and dispute resolution

In the event of IP infringement or breach of contract, IP valuation quantifies the damages for compensation.

5. Financial reporting

After completing a merger or an acquisition, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 3: Business Combinations) require that the purchase price paid are allocated and recorded into identifiable assets and liabilities.  If an IP asset is a part of the assets, IP valuation is needed to estimate a fair value of the IP asset. In particular, IAS 38: Intangible Assets outlines the accounting requirements for such IP asset.


Although IP assets acquired from M&As are reflected on the balance sheet, IP assets generated internally are not recognized on the balance sheet.

Why choose us to value your IP?

Certified IP Valuer

Our team includes a Certified IP Valuer accredited by Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) and World Trade Institute (WTI), University of Bern, Switzerland.

A melange of expertise

We have a melange of expertise and experience in IP, property valuation, and business valuation. When our minds come together, we will deliver the best practices of valuation for your IP.

Experience Matter

We have experience in trademark valuation and patent valuation for the purposes of corporate transaction, IP transaction and litigation.

Well-versed with Intangible Asset Valuation Standards

We are well-versed with the standards for intangible asset valuation, such as:

Hence, we are able to comply with any standards for intangible asset valuation if required.

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