Intellectual Property may be invisible to some.

We bring clarity, direction, and sense to managing your IP portfolios.
Celebrating our 10th Anniversary We are grateful for the trust that you have put in us throughout the years.

Thank you for rewarding us with such a great history that would fuel our future.
Your technology saves lives. Patent saves your technology. Learn more One day, others will want to be like you. Stay original. Protect your trademark. Learn more Company value has shifted.
Intangible assets are now a vital part of it.
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We are all about Intellectual Property

IPVOLUSI SDN BHD is a boutique firm specializing in Intellectual Property Services and Consultancy. We derive satisfaction from protecting the outcome of creativity and innovation. Consequently, we help inventors, designers and researchers gain deserving recognition and reap due rewards.

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We bring experience, expertise and care into our services to you.

Why Choose IPVOLUSI?

Certified IP Professional

Our professionals posses the required certifications that attest to their knowledge and credibility in Intellectual Property.

A Mélange of Expertise

Our professionals are from a diverse background, bringing together a mélange of expertise in IP, technology and business proficiency.

Experience Matter

We bring to you a company with 10 years of experience and professional with more than 15 years of experience.

Pragmatic Solutions

We connect the dots between business, technology and financial aspects to tailor practical IP solutions.

Fostering Partnership

We work closely with you and we will tell it as it without beating around the bush.

Our Clients

We have helped over 70 clients to secure their intellectual assets. Our clients include individuals, startups, SMEs, law firms, research institutions, and universities.
Whether you are small or large corporations, we are here to serve you.

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Our Track Record

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