Industrial Design Services

We are shaped to protect your designs.

Protecting the design that sets you apart.

Industrial Design registration protects the aesthetic aspect of your product. It can either be 3D features (e.g. the shape or surface) or 2D features (e.g. patterns or lines). By registering your design, you regain control over your design to stop others from using it, selling or licensing it to others, or using it in your products.
An appealing product design is difficult to create. It requires creative minds and numerous prototypes. It is an arduous process to craft a unique design that speaks to your customers. With advances in 3D-printing technology and low-cost manufacturing, it has become increasingly easy to imitate even the most ingenious of designs.
Thus, it is imperative that you safeguard the uniqueness of your design, especially since your design is one of the key factors that influences buying decisions. Don’t let others imitate your design, apply for an Industrial Design registration.

Our Industrial Design services include:

Industrial Design Filing


To register an Industrial Design, it must be new and within the meaning of industrial design according to the Malaysian Industrial Designs Act. There are certain designs that are not registrable at all. After satisfying all criteria, then you will have to prepare the necessary documentation for submission. You also need to be alarmed throughout the process for any correspondences from MyIPO.

Industrial Design Registration Process

We can help by advising on suitable classes for your design, multiple design registration, and etc. We would also prepare the necessary documentation for submission. Throughout the registration process, we will manage all correspondences from MyIPO and advise you accordingly. Our familiarity with the registration process will help you to go through it all with ease of mind.

We can also be at your service if you want to extend your registration in other countries.

Interested to register your design?