Our Services

We bring expertise, experience and care.

What we do

With our extensive experience and expertise in Intellectual Property rights, we will strive to deliver IP solutions tailored to your needs. Our range of IP services include:

Patent Services

Patent protects your invented product or process.
Our services include patent search, patent drafting and patent filing.

Trademark Services

Trademark protects your brand identity and reputation.
Our services include trademark search and trademark filing.

Industrial Design Services

Industrial Design protects the outlook of your product.
Our services include design search and ID filing.

Copyright Services

Copyright protects your creative work from being copied.
Our services include filing of a copyright notification.

IP Valuation

IP can be estimated like any other tangible assets.
We provide valuation services to estimate your IP value for a specific purpose.

IP Training

We conduct training programmes for your employees which can be suited for beginner level up to advanced level.

Strategic IP Advisory

We provide advisory services relating to IP which such as devising IP strategy, creating an IP policy and procedures.