Patent Services

Have you invented something new today?

Research is for the future. The space between the future and research is patent.

Research consumes time, energy and money. At the end, research gives birth to a new product or process that solves a problem, making lives better and easier. But before it can taste success, the road leading up to commercialisation is still long and winding. Patent protects your invention along the journey.

Why patent your invention?

Patent is an exclusive right granted over your invention in exchange for a disclosure of your invention. Patent enables the evolution of technologies as the disclosure allows others to learn and improve upon it. Even if others can improve upon it, they still can’t freely use it during the protection period.

Patent is an acknowledgement of your ownership over your invention. You will regain control over your invention. You can choose to either sell your patent, license your patent to someone else, or enforce your patent against infringement.

Our patent services include:

Patent Drafting


The strength of a patent is affected by how well it has been drafted. So, patent drafting is not merely about describing your invention. Instead, patent drafting defines the scope of protection for your invention.

Patent drafting is an art of balancing between being too broad and being too narrow. A broad scope will run the risk of rejection during the patent examination stage due to lack of clarity and technical details. Meanwhile, a narrow scope will permit loopholes for competitors to manipulate.


With our IP experience and technical understanding, we are able to comprehend your invention, and compose a patent specification that optimizes the strength of your patent

Our approach in patent drafting includes:


Anticipate future trends so that your patent specification would cover upcoming technologies throughout the patent’s lifespan of 20 years.


Illustrate your technology into words with accuracy and clarity while in compliance with the Patent Regulations.


Foresee and block all loopholes in your patent specification by putting ourselves in the shoes of an infringer.

Want us to draft your patent specification?

Patent Filing


Patent application process technically begins with the filing stage, the start of a lengthy and time-consuming process. There are several stages involved before obtaining the Patent Grant – each stage comprises of multiple forms and formalities requiring strict compliance. And, the patent application may take a couple of years to grant. Throughout the process, you also have to be alarmed on any correspondences from MyIPO.

Patent Application Process

With our extensive experience, we are able to manage the entire patent application process, from the start till the end. Throughout the process, we will manage all correspondences from MyIPO and advise you accordingly. Our familiarity with the application process will help you to go through it all with ease of mind.

We can also be at your service if you want to extend your patent application in other countries.

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