Strategic IP Advisory

Realising the full potential of your IP.

Our IP Advisory is more than just about giving advice.

We aim to empower you through our IP Advisory Services to maximize control over your creations and to maximize value out of your IP rights.
Great minds think alike. So, you and we would get along pretty well. While you focus your creative and inventive mind on research and development, we focus our creative and inventive mind on realising the full potential of your IP rights.
We provide action plans through our proprietary IP tools so that your IP rights can help:
generate revenue and maintain ownership of your revenue source;
maintain a competitive edge over your competitors by blocking them with your IP rights;
gain leverage in negotiating for JVs, strategic alliances, licensing agreements, M&As, etc.; and
influence decisions to gain funding and investments.

IP Strategy Blueprint


IP strategy is a tactical plan in developing, managing and exploiting your IP assets. In other words, it defines the IP portfolios that you should obtain or acquire and how you are going to use those IP portfolios to your advantage.

Without a well-defined IP strategy, your competitors may be able to find loopholes in your IP portfolios to access your market. Hence, you may lose out to your competitors as you fail to safeguard your competitive advantage.

Our Solution:

We will help devise an IP strategy aligned to your company’s business strategy by analysing the wider context of technology trends, market drivers, and your competitors’ IP portfolios. Moreover, we could even build the structural framework of your IP strategy by crafting your IP policies and procedures.

By having a well-formulated IP strategy, you would be able to safeguard your IP portfolios as well as extracting the full potential out of your IP portfolios.

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IP Navigation Tool


IP rights are territorial rights and thus, IP rights are only enforceable in countries that you have filed. There is a time limit to extend the IP rights in other countries, particularly for patent, industrial design and trademark.

With the clock ticking, you must decide where to extend your IP rights in other countries. The dilemma is usually due to the uncertainty of potential market locations, especially if your products or businesses are still at a rudimentary stage.

Our Solution:

Our IP Navigation Tool is a specialised tool that we’ve developed to assess and determine a suitability scoring of each country to be covered by your IP rights. The suitability scoring would take into account the enforceability, marketability, and cost factors. As a result, you would be able to decide on which country that your IP rights should cover.

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Patent Assessment Tool


If you have an abundant of granted patents and patent applications, some of them may no longer be of high worth to you. This could be due to technological obsolescence. To maintain those low worth patents and patent applications, it would incur substantial costs. Thus, disposal of such patents and patent applications would make sense as it would save funds. But, the big question is: which patents or patent applications should be disposed of.

Unless you have a crystal ball, you could not ascertain which one of your patents or patent applications should be disposed of. A patent or patent application may not be worth now due to its infancy phase but it may be a game-changer in the future.

Our Solution:

Our proprietary assessment tool helps to evaluate and score each patent or patent application based on the legal aspect, technological aspect, and market aspect. By using our tool, you would be able to make an informed decision on which one of your patents or patent applications should be disposed of.

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IP Mining


Each IP right protects different aspects of a product. To qualify for any of the IP rights, it must satisfy certain requirements. One product may not be sufficiently covered by only one IP right. However, not all IP rights apply to every single product.

When you have developed a new product, you need to identify the best possible protection in terms of IP rights. The IP rights need to cover the core differentiator of your product. If the core differentiator is not covered, then such protection would be too narrow that your competitors may easily circumvent it.

Our Solution:

We can help you to identify all IP rights applicable to your product so that it will cover the core differentiator of the product as well as other parts of the product. We will also take into account your product lifecycle as well as the nature of your product. Ultimately, you may then decide on which IP rights to proceed.

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