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Trademark Services

Your company name, logo design and tagline are your unique identity. Trademarking these important brand representations will preserve the image and reputation that you have been striving hard to create and enhance. The protection of this type of IP is especially important if you plan to grow and develop your business into a recognizable brand. After you have successfully established your brand, the trademark will prevent imitation or duplication by other parties seeking to ride on your success for their own gains. Companies who neglect to register their trademark risk competitors taking advantage of your hard-earned reputation by imitating your brand to their advantage.

“establish uniqueness”

The initial, vital step to trademarking your brand is to conduct a trademark search. IPvolusi will conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure that presently no other parties are legally using a similar brand representation, avoiding infringement on the rights of others. Imagine the expense and effort spent in branding your products becoming redundant if this situation occurs. We will also assist in checking the viability of trademark in other countries.

Subsequently, but prior to the application, we will advice you on whether your company name, logo design, and connotation can be trademarked, and offer suggestions on fine tuning your brand, to reduce possibility of rejection and wastage of resources.

“protect your identity”

IPvolusi will file the necessary application with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO). If trademark protection is required in other countries, we will work with our clients to determine the priority of location, and engage our vast network of trusted associates to obtain the necessary approvals. On the other hand, if you are a foreigner intending to obtain a trademark in Malaysia, IPvolusi will serve as your reliable local IP partner.

The filing of each trademark application is followed by close monitoring on whether the applications, local and foreign, are deemed compliant, and advice our clients on any amendments accordingly. IPvolusi will constantly update clients on the progress of the application, including the subsequent gazette and if there is opposition raised by a third party on the application.

After the receipt of the Certificate of Registration, the trademark is valid for ten years from the date of application and renewable every ten years.

IPvolusi is available for further guidance on the rights and usages of the trademark obtained.