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Patent Services

A patent is the exclusive rights that protects a new invention, whether product or process, for the benefit of its rightful owner. It prevents the invention from being duplicated by other parties for commercial use. The owner can deter or cease others from manufacturing or selling a similar invention without his or her prior consent.

“establish novelty”

A patent search encompasses more than determining patenting viability of a certain invention. This fundamental step plays a crucial, extensive role from establishing the novelty of an idea to the commercialization of it in the marketplace. A thorough analysis of the patent information will grant insight into the latest technological trends and reveal competitors’ strategies. This will allow IPVolusi to subsequently provide strategic advice on designing a broad, sustainable IP strategy that will fully realize the potential of the inventions.

IPvolusi Patent Search services include:-


To determine the viability of an invention being granted a patent


A broad search to thoroughly scout patents in the technological field of interest. This would provide valuable insight into recent and upcoming trends, as well as competitors’ patenting strategies, which will assist us in providing relevant advice to clients, precluding reinvention of existing technology and averting wastage of funds, time and other resources.


Using our Proprietary Analysis Model, we will ascertain the competitiveness of a patent, which will uncover possible patent threats. This will allow our clients to be well equipped and prepared for potential threats, or even adapt their inventions to achieve strong product differentiation in the market.

“a fine balance”

Drafting patent specifications is, in fact, the striking of a difficult balance. A broad scope of definition will run the risk of rejection during the patent examination stage due to inadequate technical details and vague novelty core; a narrow scope will permit loopholes for manipulation by competitors. IPvolusi’s IP experience and in-depth technical knowledge enables us to fully comprehend your inventions, and compose a patent specification that achieves optimum safeguarding.

We apply the following mindset to ensure the quality of our Patent Drafting service:


Anticipate future trends relevant to your inventions, ensuring that the IP protection is relevant throughout the entire lifespan of the product.


To represent your technology with accuracy and clarity, in compliance with the Patent Regulations.


Offering objective critique regarding your invention in anticipation of every possible implementation. This will ensure that the patent is sufficiently comprehensive to protect the technology from encroachment.

“protect your invention”

The Patent Application process technically begins with the filing stage, the start of a lengthy and time-consuming process. There are several stages involved before obtaining the Patent Grant – each stage comprises of multiple forms and formalities requiring strict compliance.

With our extensive experience, we are able to manage the entire patent application process, from start till end, to obtain the grant within the least amount of time, expense and effort necessary. We approach each application with the goal to increase the probability of successful patent grant. Throughout the process, we are in constant communication with the various parties involved, clients and patent offices, to ensure that the application process is progressing smoothly and expeditiously.