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Industrial Design Services

An appealing product design is difficult to create, requiring creative minds and numerous prototypes.  It is an arduous process to achieve novelty, yet easy to imitate. Obtaining industrial design protection is therefore vital to safeguard the uniqueness of your design, especially if aesthetics is an important product differentiation.

“establish differentiation”

Claims to the design is awarded on the ‘first to file’ basis. Therefore, IPvolusi will work with clients to move swiftly and precisely in obtaining the protection. The design must first be determined to be novel and original, for which IPvolusi will conduct a meticulous search, reducing the chance of infringement and rejection after application.

“protect your design”

To register an industrial design, it must fulfill the following criteria: functional by itself, new in Malaysia and not publicly or morally offensive. After conducting a thorough ID search and ensuring that the design can be protected, IPVolusi will submit the necessary documentation, including visual representations to accurately depict the design and a Statement of Novelty (textiles, lace and wallpaper excluded) that briefly describes the novelty of the product, whether in its shape or features.

During the entire application process, we will closely monitor the application throughout each step. We work with the clients if amendments are required to ensure a truly novel and unique design, and achieve the protection and due acknowledgment of creativity.