Intellectual Property firm in Malaysia
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IPVolusi is a boutique agency providing Intellectual Property Services and Consultancy. We derive satisfaction from protecting the outcome of creativity and innovation, helping inventors and researchers gain deserving recognition and reap due rewards.

Breakthrough ideas are the helm that keeps our clients at their industry’s forefront; our utmost priority is to assist them in maintaining their advantageous position by protecting their intellectual property rights. Our clients can continue to invent, innovate and invest in research and development with the confidence that their efforts will translate into credit and benefits for the rightful parties.

IPVolusi rose from an entrepreneurial spirit; therefore, our team of experts is constantly seeking unconventional solutions while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and skill. Being a boutique agency, we pride ourselves on being able to offer personal attention to each client and the flexibility to suit individual needs. It is our culture to take the time to understand each client’s objectives before tailoring an optimal and pragmatic solution to achieve them.

We provide a wide range of solutions and advisory services to accommodate a diverse IP portfolio, including in areas of: